Gold Membership ($41.50/month)

For every 3 months of your pre-paid Mercury Wine Club membership, you'll receive one month absolutely FREE! Pre-pay for 6 months, and get TWO months free! Prepay for 12 months and get FOUR months free!

Mercury Wine Club members receive:

  • Exclusive wines shipped right to your door each month
  • 2 bottle shipments
  • The ability to specify wine preference all whites, all reds, or white & red
  • Literature on each wines, including winery info, food pairing suggestions and more
  • Exclusive offers & discounts
  • Information about exclusive events & tastings
  • Monthly newsletter

Every wine club pretends to be the best, at Mercury we do our very best in bringing our club members wines we have found to be of highest quality. Each selected wine is taste tested by Sanford himself, to ensure that members are getting the quality they deserve.

These are great wines unable to reach retail markets because of their limited annual production that major distributors and chains are not interested in. We consider them hidden treasures to be tasted and enjoyed by our savvy membership. Our guiding creed remains steadfast; there is no substitute for quality.

Mercury Wine Club constantly searches the states for new undiscovered wineries, many small family owned. Though small, these wineries are still sophisticated and many are producing new varietals that Mercury is the first to bring to its members.

When assesing each wine, we rate the wine on: aroma, taste and satisfaction. If wines measure up to our standards, we bring them directly to you as your monthly featured wine.

We recognize that everyone's taste is not the same. What Mercury strives for is an equal balance that will cater to all that love or just like wine. Though the panel of Mercury wine tasters is unique in its makeup, we still diligently listen to our members for their comments. They are the ultimate judges of whether we are successfully pleasing the pallets of our members.

Shipping fees shall apply each month. And remember, there is no contractual obligation. You may join for any desired length of time and cancel at any time without penalty. Wines are shipped on the 15th of the month, so cancellations must be received prior to then or the cancellation will take effect the next month.

We guarantee your satisfaction as a Mercury Wine Club Member. If you are dissatisfied with any bottle in our monthly selection, contact us directly at (310) 755-8714 or by email at and a substitute selection will be sent within 7 days. You may also request a different wine combination (i.e. all whites or all reds) so that we may customize the monthly selections based on your tastes.