The best gift my wife gave me for my 50th birthday. These previously unknown boutique wines are unbelievable…

- George Franklin, South Hampton, NY

Thanks Mercury for the idea of sending club subscriptions as holiday gifts to my customers. They are reminded each month their wine enjoyment comes from me and my company.

- Lou Donatello, Dallas, TX

For our 25th Anniversary we visited the California wineries whose wine we received through our club membership with Mercury. What a pleasure and delight to see these boutique wineries. When they heard we were members of Mercury Wine Club we were given VIP treatment. A number of wineries invited us to stay overnight in their guest house. Thanks Mercury for a wonderful anniversary trip!

- Sarah Gladman, Twin Oaks, IL

What a delight receiving new and exciting unknown wines each month. Being a widow I appreciate being able to order wines that I have tasted and enjoyed. It adds pleasure to everyday life. Thanks Mercury, and remember me when my friends join the club.

- Kathleen Lodge, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Having been brought up on strictly German wines, it was a pleasant surprise when, after being transferred to the US for my company, a business associate introduced me to your monthly wine club. The boutique wines have made me a convert for your wines that are truly boutique and unknown in local retail stores. Thanks.

- Horace Schmidt, New York City, NY